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What USB-ML hardware, firmware and PROGACMP software is needed to program Nordic Semi nrf51?
Dermot S. Mar 5, 2018 at 09:31 AM (09:31 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • PROGACMP Version / Revision: 5.43
    Operating System: Windows XP

    We purchased a new USB-ML device because we only had Rev B devices and Rev C or later was apparently required to program Nordic Semi nrf51 devices.

    With the new USB-ML I am not able to get our PROGACMP to recognise the target device and now I suspect the PROGACMP software is also incapable even with the nrf5x algorithms installed/selected?

    How can I find out for sure what is needed? Did we even need the new USB-ML or
    would Rev B been OK?

    What firmware is needed in the USB-ML?

    What version of PROGACMP is needed and can we download an update?


    • Dermont,

      It looks like PROGACMP Version 5.74 is required for Nordic devices. I'll send you a download link to that version. I'm not sure if you will need to purchase an upgrade since I don't know your license. Try it and let me know if you run into any issues.


      • Thanks, but this version still reports a problem.

        The algorithm is Nordic_nRF51822-QFAC_1x32x64k.arp. PROGACMP reports:

        "This algorithm requires version 5.93 of the flash programmer or later. You are currently running version Do you wish to attempt to load the algorithm anyways?"

        If you answer "yes" then the operation fails with "Error loading.ARP file"

        • Dermont,

          Can you email me your license info (installation code and activation code) to I'll check if you can upgrade to version 5.93.


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