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No Programming the Cyclone Pro Corvus at 9s12p128
HECTOR L. Mar 3, 2018 at 01:36 PM (13:36 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • I create Image utility fine, the Cyclonepro stand alone programming, when I click the start it say ready success.
    But the microprocessor 9s12p128 no work or no is programmig.
    what I am make bad?
    Tanks for your attention.
    Sorry mi bad english, I am learning


  • Hi Hector, 

    You may need to convert the file that you are trying to program using log2phy. Please see link below:

    • I work with log2phy and is same issue.
      You believe that I have to make sometime with the interrupts or watchdog.
      I has read the manual of micro and I program no interrups and no watchdog
      And the problem is same.
      please help me.

  • Please open a support request and attach the file that you are trying to program.

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