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MKW30Z160M4 Address Range
. Feb 26, 2018 at 04:40 PM (16:40 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • I am trying to create an SAP image for a KW30Z160M4 using a Cyclone Universal v 9.89. The only algorithm file for my device is freescale_kw40z160m4_1x32x40k_pflash.arp, which specifies an address range of $00000000-$0001FFFF. However, the KW3016M4 has 160K of flash. It is divided into a 128k block and a 32 k block. When I try to make an image using the Image Creation Utility, I get address errors because my application is using about 148 K of flash. I have successfully written the same s-record file to the device through the IAR debugger using the same Cyclone Universal, so I know the s-record file is OK. Is there a way to generate a programming algorithm file that will let me flash the full address range of the device? Can I just modify the ADDR_RANGE field of freescale_kw40z160m4_1x32x40k_pflash.arp or is there something more I need to do?


  • What version of the freescale_kw40z160m4_1x32x40k_pflash.arp are you using? The latest version has the correct range:

    ADDR_RANGE=00000000/00027FFF/00/FFFFFFFC/FFFFFC00/ ; $00000000-$00027FFF P-Flash

  • I was using an old version of the file. Although the address issue is fixed after downloading a new file, I am still having problems. The new algorithm file required me to upgrade my creation utility. I am now running creation utility version and algorithm file version version 1.01, 05/19/2017.

    When I try to write the SAP file to disk, the creation utility is reporting an "Invalid algorithm file". The script window shows that the issue is with line 21, which is
    TEST_VALUE=01/00000408/00000001/00000000/00/003/007/Data that is about to be
    programmed will enable flash protection on non-volatile flash configuration
    fields. Disabling the protection will require a mass erase. Continue?/

    However, my s-record file doesn't enable protection for the flash configuration fields. This is my s-record for that area of memory:

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Please can comment out the following line in the algorithm as a workaround:


  • That did it. Thanks, Juan.

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