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Algorithm Load Error - Freescale_MPC567K_1x32x512k_CFlash.PCP
. Feb 20, 2018 at 05:29 AM (05:29 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi there

    I have tried to use the PROGPPCNEXUS Programmer - Version to program my device but I am getting a failure when I tried to load the algorithm. I point the "choose module (Algorithm)" dialog to "Freescale_MPC567K_1x32x512k_CFlash.PCP" and it appears to accept it but after a few seconds I get the error. "Error loading .PCP file : <path> at address 00300001

    Can anyone help me to understand why this would be and how to fix it please?




  • Greetings,

    Three reasons why you may see this problem.

    1) You are using too fast of a communication speed. Restart PROG software and change the BDM Shift frequency option to be a slower clock speed. See if using some of the slower speeds improves the situation. For good measure, try adding 200ms reset delay as well.

    2) Your board has an external watchdog, or something is interrupting your communication. You should see periodic toggling on the RESET line if this is the case. The algorithm is a script loaded into RAM and any reset signal will cause the algorithm to be erased and cause issues with further actions. Disable any external hardware watchdogs.

    3) You are using the wrong algorithm for your device. Make sure the algorithm matches as close as possible to the chip you are trying to program. If you have doubts, please tell me the exact chip part number and I can suggest the correct algorithm.

    Takao Yamada

    • Hi there,

      Many thanks for you reply.

      The problem turned out to be the integrity of the USB lead I was using to connect the programmer to the PC. Although the PC could detect the programmer it was not working correctly. Once I swapped out the cable the problem went away.



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