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CycloneMax Invalid Checksum in S-Record file
Charlie S. Feb 15, 2018 at 02:44 PM (14:44 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,
    Our factory uses Cyclones to program our products and today is reporting that they now are getting invalid checksum s-record errors when trying to program our products. From a screenshot, I see the dialog box title "PROGCFZ_CYCLONEMAX Programmer - Version 1.69". This is being run under Windows, I'd guess 7 or 10 but I'm not sure.

    They say they have checked all the cables and tried other products and the results are the same. They also say the programmer software was updated (recently?).

    Was the Cyclone Max s/w recently updated? If so, could there be any changes or new settings that could cause this kind of error?



    • Hi Charlie,

      There weren't any recent changes to verify checksum functions. Can you describe your factory's setup in more detail?

      What microcontroller are they programming?

      What is their exact command sequence in PROGCFZ?

      I assume that after they program their device they run a verify checksum and that is when they get the errors. Do they get an error everything or is it intermittent? Does the error begin at the same address?

      They said they recently updated the programmer software. Did they update to a new version of PROGCFZ and maybe the firmware on the cyclone?


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