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16P Questions
Thomas D. Jan 9, 2018 at 10:17 AM (10:17 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • Greetings,

    Target is a Denso rebranded Motorola 68hc16 160 pin QFP from April 1996 (about). All software has been updated in the last few weeks on a Win10 OS. Pinout follows those listed in the 68HC916Y3 manual.

    I'm trying to understand the differences between the 16P files, file naming & internal and external 16P files. I'm new & don't know much. The following reason is why I'm asking.

    With ICD16Z, the memory window show the code beginning at 00000 and ending at FFF9D.

    With PROG16Z, the UM command produces code beginning at 0000 and ending at 00f9d.

    Thus far I have been using the 916Y3 16p files in PROG16z. Only a few work (9y3_32k2 is one) but all produce the same output.

    This could be something I'm doing incorrectly, I don't know.



  • Semi-update,

    Found the below link explaining much of the timing algorithm file naming process, still a few noob type questions.

    1. What are the differences between the regular and 'Rev_A' files? Just an updated timing algorithm or something else like hardware / software related?

    2. When selecting a 16p file, I assume the last part of the file name describes the portion of the target one is trying to connect to (EEPROM/CONTROL_BLK). Meaning if file 916Y3_32K-2 is able to connect to the target, file 916Y3_32K-1 should also; at a different 32K block of memory (assuming the number following "K" is the only change)?

    3. If the above assumption is incorrect and the "K" files represent completely different algorithms one just uses a file that works? How does one then upload a program larger than 32K?


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