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5645S+QSPI flash download issue
jeffrey w. Dec 5, 2017 at 09:16 PM (21:16 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • tool:U-MULTILINK
    pls help:
    design use MPC5645s+QSPI flash(2pcs Winbond W25Q64), use JTAG download MOT file to QSPI flash,but not all downloads are successfule.
    we test find when the file about 32bytes,40bytes can download ok,but 34bytes 38bytes cannot download.
    Maybe the multiplier of 8bytes?
    How can I build the MOT and ,how to download succesfully every time?
    Could you help update the .PCP for this part Winbond W25Q64


    • Hi Jeffrey, 

      Please submit a support request and provide the MOT file that you are trying to program.

      • Hi Juan,

        Could you kindly help update the .PCP to support this part Winbond W25Q64.

        And I can give you a sample MOT file for your test.
        How about your e-mail,or other way to pass you the file.

  • When you submit a support request, you can post files in the ticket.

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