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show $0084 error
seven r. Nov 28, 2017 at 01:16 AM (01:16 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • I attempted to program a new board with the Cyclone for ARM after successfully downloading the same code on a development board.  
    cyclone image creation utility version: 6.22
    LCD Show firmware version: 9.86

    The microprocessor is a NXP S32K144, clocked with an external oscillator at 8 MHz.
    command list:

    When I did so, the programmer waited a few seconds and then returned an error code of $00000084 at first press "start".
    at second time, press "start", will show sucess,board can run.

    why did i have to click twice to download .s19 file to board?


  • Hi Seven, 

    Could you please submit a support request and provide some information on the board you are working with? Could you provide partial schematics? I am interested in the portion of the schematics that details the connection between the S32K144 and the Cyclone for ARM.

  • Hi Seven, 

    Could you please try the latest algorithms? Below is a link to our latest downloads:

    • i have tried latest algorithms, got the same error ->#0084.

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