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CyclonePro Image Manager Application Won't Start
Bob P. Nov 3, 2017 at 12:11 PM (12:11 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I recently was given a new laptop with Windows 10 (old laptop was Windows 7).  The CyclonePro Image Creator (V3.45) and Image Manager (V3.06) software has been installed on the new laptop.  The Image Creator seems to work OK, but when I try starting the Image Manager application, I get a warning that comes up, saying "Cyclone Image Creation Utility has stopped working", and I'm only directed to "close the program".  Both applications still work fine on the old laptop, but I'm due to have that laptop taken away from me once I've proven all transferred software works correctly.  I realize that these are older versions of those applications, but I have to keep the old applications at those old versions so that the CyclonePro devices don't automatically get updated with any new firmware (this happened once in the past when I bought a new CyclonePro).  When a CyclonePro gets updated like that, then I have to go through extensive Validation procedures to validate that the updated programmer properly programs our products and our products operate correctly.
    I am curious to understand why a message comes up about the "Image Creator" Utility when it's the "Image Manager" that I am trying to run. The outside IT support group that we use to handle all of our installations and computer problems has tried for a few days to get this problem worked out, with no success, including re-installing that old version on the new laptop from the CD. What can be done to get the Image Manager software to work correctly?


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