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fail to programming mc56f8257
. Nov 1, 2017 at 07:44 AM (07:44 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hi, I was failed in the programming process...
    OS: Win7
    IDE: CodeWarrior10.6
    Tool: USB Multilink
    Programming application: PROGDSC
    Target IC: mc56f8257 (NXP)
    step1: choose module .DSP
    I select the "freescale_mc56f8257_1x16x32k.dsp" from the Algorithms file under the install path;
    step2: Spcify Object file
    Select my .s file, (I know this file will be ok.)
    step3:program module
    the warning is:
    Address range is not in module Invalid address detected.
    Invalid addresses in srecord block from $02000000 to $02000003.

    --so, who can tell me how to solve this issue,thanks a lot!


  • What is the data that you are trying to program from $02000000 to $02000003? Is it Flash data or is it RAM data?

    • Just only programming a .s file to flash. BTW, how to distinguish the section is a 
      Flash data or is a RAM data. thanks

      • In CodeWarrior, you can open the .xMAP file to distinguish all the sections in the .s file. I believe the DSC MC56F8257 has a harvard architecture meaning that it has separate program and memory space. My suspicion is that your data from $02000000 to $02000003 is actually data memory and it contains RAM data. If it is RAM data, it is volatile, therefore you may not need to include this data in your .s file.

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