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MC68HC16Z2 How to read with Cyclone or Multilinkj
Romulo L. Jun 5, 2017 at 09:52 PM (21:52 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • Dear Sirs:

    I have Cyclone and Multilink but I don't know how to read NXP micro 68HC16Z31 neither 32 or 33.

    I download algorithm exteernal and internal from this site but when I see the list it not comes with HC16Z family.

    We bought Cyclone and Multilink just to read it but we haven't read it.

    Only read external memories but not internal.

    Please help in order we can read this microprocessor and save files with the data.

    Thanksm very much.

    Truly yours.

    RĂ³mulo Lizarraga


  • Dear Romulo,

    What external chip are you using?


  • Hello:

    The external memory I am rading is M28F102-150XK3


  • Dear Romulo,

    To perform a read of the memory, you need to use the PROG16Z application that comes with the Cyclone. The steps to do this are:

    1. Connect your Cyclone to your chip using the ribbon cable.
    2. Open up PROG16Z. This will bring up a configuration window that allows you to connect to the chip.
    3. Once you have connected, you will be asked to select the algorithm for your chip. Since you are using an external flash, you have to select the algorithm that corresponds to your external flash chip. Unfortunately, we do not have an algorithm ready for this chip. To get around this, please submit a algorithm request with our system by going to Support > Support Requests
    4. Once you have your algorithm, select that algorithm and have it load onto the chip.
    5. Use the Upload Module command to download all data from the chip to a file on your computer.


  • Dear Romulo,

    Do you need any more assistance with this issue?


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