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Memory R/W with Multilink Universal
Taying W. Jun 5, 2017 at 09:37 AM (09:37 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi there

    I have a Multilink Universal and I am temping to read and write memory location. ( I have no problems with flashing). MPC5674F is the micro our module is using.

    For reading, the content of memory location isn't correct.
    For Writing, I am getting "selected command is not active for this module".

    Any idea what the problems maybe?



  • Greetings,

    A few things could be the problem. Make sure you are selecting the correct algorithm. And also try lowering the debug shift frequency before connecting to the target. Too fast of a communication can cause errors and instability.

    Takao Yamada

  • Greetings,

    Any update on this?

    Takao Yamada

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