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Nikos N. May 28, 2017 at 02:35 PM (14:35 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • Hi is there way to activate and program this type MC68F375BGMZP33 internal flash 256kb and RAM 8 kb ?is in automorive ecu board BDM PADS 12  pin 11 and 12 not used


  • any expert there to help??

  • Dear Nikos,

    This device can be programmed with our Multilink Universal FX programmer:

    and our PROG32Z software:


  • Hi and thank you!!!

    I wil order it.Do you know if it is hard to do the job read program this MPC MC68F375 with internal flash 256kb.I am not programmer I work with automotive ecu tuning. can I learn there how to do it?

  • Dear Nikos,

    Once you have the software, all you need to do is connect the Multilink to your board with the ribbon cable, and click on a few commands in the PROG32Z software. Once you have the software I can give you specific instructions about how to perform programming, but everything is made to be very simple to use.


  • For the support ,must buy from you direct,or from your europe Uk distributor?

  • Hello,Mikhail I palce this order but can not proceed!!!
    85035 Proforma (Awaiting Approval)

  • Dear Nikos,

    Our performas are handled via our sales administrator and are approved Monday to Friday, 9-5 Eastern Time. If there are any issues with the order, you will sent a notification through our system.


  • Hi Mikhail
    I have the software and hardware connected in BDM port.Can you advice to me the steps for correct ,register,activate and programming the MC68F375BGMZP33 internal flash 256kb.
    The FX is connected with board ,but I must choose the correct algorithm.In data base is many types of algorithm 68f375 which are the correct one?

  • hi any help for soecial instructions.Thank you for your support

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