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Flash programming - NXP S32 µC with P&E Multilink Debugger
Daniel S. May 11, 2017 at 04:42 AM (04:42 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hello together,

    we bougth some of your P&E Multilink Debugger Rev. C and FX in order to program a S32 µC.
    Now we do need an easy way to program a binary file to the µC (no IDE).
    Which tool can you recommend to us?

    Best regards

    D. Stich


  • Hi Daniel, 

    Could you please provide the full part number of the S32 µC that you wish to program so that we may recommend a tool to you?

    • There is the full part number: PS32K144HFVLL 
      Please check this µC, too: MWCT1013SVLL

      Thanks and best regards

      Daniel S.

  • Hi Daniel, 

    I would recommend purchasing the Cyclone Universal or the Cyclone Universal FX. Both will be able to program the PS32K144HFVLL and the MWCT1013SVLL

  • Hello Juan,

    Thank you for your comment. We do allready us the P&E Micro Multilink REV C and FX. And it works very well. But we use eclipse in order to control the Multilink debugger. We seek a very easy and small software in order to program the binary file via the Multilink debugger into the µC. We do need this for our production process. We could use eclipse, too, but this is a huge IDE, with a lot of functions. We prefer a smart, small and easy to handle software.

    Could you recommended one software?

    Thanks and best regards

    Daniel S.

  • Hi Daniel, 

    You can use P&E's PROGACMP or Cyclone Universal to program the S32K micros.

    Juan See

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