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Need a header (.h) file?
SABARI SARAVANAN M. May 2, 2017 at 04:48 AM (04:48 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,
    I've downloaded PE_MICRO - Cyclone pro V5.89 and I've got with that cyclone_control_stdcall.dll file.

    Here I wants to interface it with LabVIEW. If I wants interface .dll file with LabVIEW meanwhile I need a .h file which means header file. But here I haven't received that .h (header) file with my downloaded file.

    Can anyone give solution?


    • Greetings,

      I can send you a header file. Since files cannot be attached on our public forums, please open a support request ticket.



      • Hi Johnny,

        Thanks for your reply.

        How you can send it? Here I've attached my email id as shown below
        saravana.braven [at]

        Meanwhile I want use PE_MICRO - Cyclone pro V5.89 with proffessional
        edition how should I activate it?

        When I try to activate it by PEmicro login id it were activated
        BASIC edition.

        But I wanna do it with PROFFESSIONAL edition. Is it possible?

        • Hi SABARI,

          Did your company purchase a Professional license of the Automated Control Package?


          • Nope. we are using with basic edition.

          • Hi,

            Can you suggest me?

            How can I purchase license for cyclone pro with dll and .h(header) files?

            • Hi Sabari,

              You can purchase the professional license on our website. The part number is CYCLONE_CTRL_PRO.

              Did you create the support ticket yet?


              • Hi Johnny,

                I don't know how to create support ticket?

                Can you suggest me?

                • Hi Johnny,

                  If I purchase it from online will it come along with .dll and .h file?

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