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Jungo 30 day evaluation expired error using PROG12Z flash programmer.
Murat A. Apr 25, 2017 at 04:05 PM (16:05 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • We're using PROG12Z Flash Programmer ver. 1.65 on Windows XP (the only XP machine in our company just for this purpose). Some time ago, I had found the latest version of your hardware interface driver, ver 12. In the interest of using the most up to date software, I downloaded and installed this latest version. I now get the error "Your 30 day evaluation period has expired!". The PROG12Z flash programming software no longer detects our USB Multilink Interface. Prior to this upgrade and even some time after the 30 day trial period, the software was working fine for many years. When I click on the "Refresh List" button, the trial expired error immediately pops up. How do I resolve this?


  • Never mind... I finally got it working. I downloaded and installed an older driver, version 9, I found through FAQ ID # 29.

  • Back again... nope, that dreaded "Your 30 day evaluation period has expired!" message has appeared a couple of times since. The only way I can overcome it is to re-install the driver it seems. For YEARS the drivers were working fine until I foolishly attempted to update the drivers.

    I can't keep re-installing these drivers so I would appreciate it if someone would get back to me with a solution.

  • Murat, 

    I can put your drivers back in a clean state if you give me access to your computer via teamviewer.

    Please email me at kevin (dot) meyer ( a t )

    • Hi Kevin,

      seeing same problem when put new driver on. Could you help or point me in right direction so that can fix myself?


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