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START_dynamic_program_bytes hangs when writing to UTEST
Andras V. Apr 24, 2017 at 03:58 AM (03:58 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Please note that this is a duplicate of SR #24861, as I did not get a reply and was unsure whether the notice system is working properly. 

    I am using a Cyclone FX on Windows 7 x64 to program a Freescale MPC5748G unit.
    I can successfully program the unit's flash using an OUT file, but after that I
    also need to write some product-specific data into the UTEST memory
    (0x00401000). First I load the UTest config file using an SAP file, the file
    has only one line:

    CM C:\..\Freescale_MPC5748G_1x32x4k_UTest.PCP

    Then I connect to the unit and run START_execute_all_commands, this runs
    correctly. Then I attempt call START_dynamic_program_bytes with the following

    address: 0x00401000
    length: 16
    data: char* array, 16 elements

    This hangs the programmer (it will stay working forever). If I cancel manually,
    it returns error 0x5003: Verification operation failed or canceled. I tried
    using the function from both LabVIEW 2014 and TestStand 2014 environments, but
    the result was the same.

    I have also tested reading/writing memory blocks outside of the UTest area,
    using the same "Freescale_MPC5748G_1x32x1524k_CFlash.PCP" that I also use to
    program the unit. It exhibits the same behavior, as in writes hang and report
    error 5003 when I cancel it, and reads return all zeroes.

    Could you please advise? Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards:

    Andras Valko


    • The target board was being reset after programming because the option "Drive Reset signal low before and after SAP operation" was checked in the Image Creation Utility. Disabling this option fixed the issue.

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