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Which device can I use for programming HC08 microcontrollers?
Adrian M. Mar 21, 2017 at 11:56 AM (11:56 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • Dear Sir or Madame

    We are using the USB-ML-Mon08 device for programming HC08 microcontrollers. This device will be discontinued, now I need a replacement.

    I would like to use the USB Multilink Universal because of its low price compared to the Cyclon programmers. In the "supported devices" list the HC08 is not listed directly, but it is in the "Programming Algorithm Libraries" (MC68HC908AP64).

    Is the USB Multilink Universal compatible with HC08 microcontrollers?
    Can I still use cprog08sz with this set up?

    Kind regards


    • Dear Adrian,

      Unfortunately of our new devices, only the Cyclone Universal or the Cyclone Universal FX will support HC08. However, we still have many USB-ML-Mon08 multilinks in stock, likely to last for another 2-3 years.


  • I have recently finished migrating an older product from MC908GP32 to the MC9S08AC60 - the prices on the '908 processors are steadily creeping up and are starting to the path of End of Life.  So, it was not without some considerable pain, but I migrated the product design to the more commonly supported '9S08 controllers which are still low priced and quite available.

    I think the '908 processor availability will continue to decline, and the Mon08 devices are only useful on them. Unfortunately I have not found other programmer devices currently available that support the older ROM-based Mon08 debugger, so I still keep my old USB-ML-Mon08 around. Hopefully, will no longer be needing it though (fingers crossed).

    Hopefully tech support here can provide you specific PE Micro advice, but I though I would reply to your thread as I recently went through this effort to keep a product viable for next ~3-5 years and at a good price point.

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