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Flashing Renesas R7F7010253AFP using Cyclone for Renesas
Juan P. Mar 9, 2017 at 12:18 PM (12:18 hours)
Staff: Esteban G.

  • I have a Cyclone for Renesas and I want to flash the micro R7F7010253AFP, but I don't know how to connect the Cyclone with the target (Pin Out)and also I don't know what is the correct algorithm to flash this micro. 

    I will appreciate any information or links you can provide me.


  • Hello Juan,

    The device R7F7010253AFP is part of the RH850 family of devices. The algorithms used are the R7F701025_CodeFlash.rhp and R7F701025_DataFlash.rhp depending on the flash sector to be programmed. You can download the latest algorithms on our website following this link:

    The pin out will be visible in the "Cyclone Image Creation Utility" once you select the correct algorithm. For the RH850 the pin out looks like this:

    pin5=JP0_1 (TXD)
    pin11=JP0_0 (RXD)


    • Thank you Esteban, I really appreciate your information.

      I download the algorithms.

      Now I'm trying to download the R7F7010253AFP datasheet to see the Pin Out for the micro, but I can't find it even in the renesas official website. I know is not your business but if you know where I can find the datasheet I really appreciate.

  • Hi,

    The only place to get the datasheet at this moment is from Renesas directly. You can try going through their support system and they may be able to help you.


    • Thank you for the feedback Esteban

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