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mass erasing OCD on MK20DX128M5 on FSL/NXP boards
Vojtech M. Feb 22, 2017 at 04:48 AM (04:48 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hello,

    is there a way to mass erase the MK20DX128M5 Kinetis MCU which is part of Freescale boards used as On-Chip Debugger?

    We want to remove the firmware to be able to load something else on the MCU.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Vojech, 

    Which Freescale board are you referring to? Also, are you inquiring about the actual MK20DX128M5 chip that is used for OpenSDA debugging/MSD App?

    Juan See

    • Hi Juan,

      At the moment I'm referring to the FRDM-S32K144, where the MK20DX128M5 is secured. I know some FSL/NXP boards are already using the openSDA v2.x which is open and can be mass erased, however some of these boards may also include the secured version. So I'm referring to all secured boards in general. :-)

      Yes, MK20DX128M5. But in general, to every chip that is used for openSDA debugging/MSD App. I'm not sure there are different chips used for this at the moment.

      Have a nice day,

  • Hi Vojtech, 

    All OpenSDA boards that run a secure P&E Bootloader/OpenSDA firmware are secured and cannot be erased and re-programmed. You can generally find out if the Freedom/Tower board is running a proprietary P&E OpenSDA application by starting the board in Bootloader mode. If the Bootloader drive contains SDA_INFO.HTM then it is in fact a P&E based OpenSDA Bootloader/Debug/MSD/CDC application setup.

    Best Regards,

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