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SRESET and TVCC pins in MPC5XX BDM port
Andres V. Feb 10, 2017 at 09:59 AM (09:59 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,
    I have some doubts about how these pins actually works.

    a) Is it mandatory for SRESET (pin 2 of BDM connector) to be connected to the HRESET pin of the MPC555 device? I have to upload the complete program memory (located in an external flash IC, connected to the processor). The processor and memory are placed in a board where I have not easy access to the HRESET pin of the MPC555. I am going to use multilink universal-FX + PROGPPCZ software.

    b) The MPC555 device is powered by the board with 3.3V and 5V. Could I connect TVCC (pin 9 of BDM conector) to 5V instead of 3.3V so that multilink-fx can detect that the processor is powered on?. That is because I have a relatively easier access to a 5V node in the board.
    Does the voltage level at this pin determines the logic voltage levels to be applied to the processor by multilink?. As I said before, the board actually powers the processor, I am not using multilink-FX to this end.

    Many thanks for your answers.
    Best regards,


  • In my previous post, question a), I actually meant to say whether it is mandatory to connect Pin 2 of the BDM connector (SRESET) to SRESET pin of the MPC555. I understand that pin 7 of the BDM connector (HRESET) has to be connected to HRESET pin of the MPC555. Thanks

    • a) We can reset the part by driving SRESET or HRESET. SRESET is optional. I recommend that you connect the processor's HRESET to our HRESET/RESET pin.

      b) Whatever the voltage the processor is operating at, you should connect the same voltage to TVCC.

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