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lower BDM Frequency of USB Multilink
Lars L. Jan 24, 2017 at 02:24 AM (02:24 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hi guys, 
    we're having trouble flashing an S912ZVCA Controller via USB Multilink BDM. It should be used in an automated Test environment and the cables are a bit longer and switched through relays. The Controller's frequency is provided by a 12MHz crystal.

    infrequently it works, but most time it doesn't.

    So the question is: Is it possible to reduce the BDM Frequency?
    We're using this algorithm: freescale_9s12zvca192_1x16x96k_all.s12zp
    and in it there is a line for the frequency:
    WRITE_BYTE_DELAY_AND_SYNC=01/000006C6/000A/ ;Set Bus Frequency to 12.5Mhz

    Thanks for your helps :)


    • Hi Lars,

      Since the environment uses longer cables, you may benefit in using shielded cables. Previous users have found success in cutting of the ends of a standard USB cable, which is shielded, and use that instead of the ribbon cable.

      Juan See

  • Hi
    I am using "USB S08/HCS12 BDM Multilink" this codewarrior usb when make my project then message is come "Target CPU is not connected".

    • Hi, 

      For CodeWarrior related issues please try contactinc NXP regarding the error that you are observing.

      Below are some items to check in the meantime:
      1) Is the USB BDM Multilink connected to the target CPU?
      2) Are both the blue and yellow LED on the USB BDM Multilink lit?
      3) Is the target cpu board powered?

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