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Cyclone MAX display configuration.
Josep M. Jan 19, 2017 at 02:49 AM (02:49 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,

    We have two CycloneMAX and one for the screen out less data. Both have the same firmware version V7.93-6.2.

    How can we configure the display to show the name of the file we are programming as shown in the other?

    Thank you


  • There is a utility with the filename ConfigureIP.exe in the install folder.

    This program allows you to configure the LCD Screen. After you connect to the unit via one of its ports, you can select what items to display on the LCD Home Screen Display Selection. Pick the items you want and press the right arrow button and then press OK. You can pick up to 5.

    The option you want should be Image Selected with Description.

  • Hello

    I have a Cyclone Pro and i would like to modify the LCD content.
    I used the Configure IP and screen utility. Set the display but when I restart the Cyclon the content of the LCD return for the old one.

    Firmware: V8.69 FPGA: 1.6

    Thank you

    • What did you try to set the display to? Do you see the change occur after you press OK?

      • I would like to set the Cyclone name and the IP. Yes the OK button cause changes on display, but when I press the reset the content change back to default.

        I just cant save my settings.


        • Peter,

          Can you please take a screenshot of the IP numbers in the utility after you connect to the Cyclone Max?

          P&E Engineering Support

          • Update for anyone else who might run into this issue: We have identified a software/firmware bug and we will address it in the next software release.

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