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Problems with Keil and FRDM Board
Martino D. Jan 16, 2017 at 10:16 AM (10:16 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • Hello, 
    I'm trying to use MDK Keil 5.2 in LiteVersion (evaluation) and I have problems to upload Fw on my board. After compiled the fw I launch the Download Procedure and the error is "Error: Flash Download failed - Target DLL has been cancelled".
    In option I think I had set the option to do it. In Debug Tab i chose PEmicro Debugger and .\pemicro_connection_settings.ini . In settings i chose
    Interface: USB Multilink..... Port: USB1 Multilink Universal Rev C. I think my options are why It doesn't work?

    I hope in your help
    Thank U All



  • I have the same problem, but I even choose the "open SDA XXX " for the interface, and ended up with the same error message.

  • Yes Gary,
    I choose also with your same option but it doesnt' change anything

  • I solved the problem! I installed the P&E Support linked here in the correct path of Keil. The error is that i installed in another folder of a previous version of Keil. Thank you. Bye 


    • Hi Martino,

      I got things going further, but I just met another new issue.
      whenever I downloaded the code and prepared to do the debugging, it can never run to the main() and hang there, always saying " CPU reset by debugger", and I was just running the PE micro example projects without changing anything.

      If I do a STOP debugging, the pointer is always at hardfaulthandler...

      anybody met this problem before?


  • oops, same here, issue is resolved.

  • PEmicro debugger can not stop at main(), even running the PEmicro example code on freedom board.

    Does anybody know why?

  • it has " CPU reset by debugger" in message window, and system is stall, you can not single step or step over, only can stop it and reset it.

  • Hi Gary, 

    Which Freedom board/target microprocessor are you working with?

    Best Regards,

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