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Cyclone MAX programming Kinetis
Carl N. Dec 17, 2016 at 08:28 PM (20:28 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hi All,

    I have spent a couple of days wrestling with getting my Cyclone Max to program and run my FRDM-KL27Z via either KDS or Cyclone image creating tools.

    Attached is what I have done, pictures etc. Im starting to think my cyclone is blown, or, there is more to the adaptor they try to make you buy.


    • Nice new improved forum guys, cant even attached a document or pics... well I dont know what to do now... umm... ill paste the test from my document without the step by step pictures showing everything

      FRDM_KL27Z cyclone max error 0x000000007, cant program / debug.
      I have done some testing over the last few days, I believe I have done my job and checked everything, this should be very simple, but has proven to be complex for some reason. Mostly due to PE Micro wanting to force you to use their own adaptors (making us pay another $100 on top of the already $900 programmer).
      I am running Windows 7, KDS (Kinetis Design Studio), the OpenSDA and the FRDM-KL27Z dev board works fine for debugging.
      The cyclone is running version V7.93-6.2. I have tried both KDS (Kinetis Design Studio) and the cyclone image creation tool to use to program and both do the same thing… nothing…
      As we have our own tool chain coming, I have connected my own test 10 pin IDE cable to an adaptor to go from 2.54mm to 1.27mm connected to Port E on the cyclone MAX, I have tested the connections 1 to 10 and are all perfect. I have found a post saying you must short pins 3 and 10 on cyclone max port B to “enable” SWD to work, so this has been done, still not luck (apparently this shorts out pins 7 and 15 on PORTE which is all the adaptor does to enable SWD debug/programming).
      On the FRDM board I take off the three jumpers that connect the OpenSDA programmer (J5, J7, J6), J18 remains shorted for CLK.
      This is all straight forward, I have beep tested each connection from processor back to cyclone MAX and they are right. I have checked VCC, operation, everything is fine. I have my oscilloscope on and reset does literally nothing, I would expect to see it pull low, SWD pins also do literally nothing.
      I also have my own prototypes board with a standard 2.54mm header so I can just go Cyclone max to my board, and I get exactly

  • resolved after updating adapter to match the fact that PORT E is a Standard ARM connector not Mini-20.

    documentation in cyclone manual and image creation utilities will be updated to better illustrate this point.

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