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5213 End of ISR routing
Phil R. Dec 13, 2016 at 01:34 PM (13:34 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,
    I realize this is an old system but I need to issue the proper end of interrupt sequence to the 5213 interrupt controller after running one of the hardware interrupts on the edge port. I have the port and ISR setup and enter the ISR, but only once, then all interrupts stop working. Pretty sure I need to clear or set one of the bits in one of the many registers..Freescale docs refer to this zipfile with sample source code, but it's no longer available

    Thank You


    • Unfortunately, we don't have that sample source code that the Freescale doc is referring to. Sorry that we couldn't be more helpful.

  • Thanks Johnny,
    I actually found the problem. The PE demo code already setup the stack frame for the ISR and all I needed to do was provide a traditional 'C' function call but I was setting up another ISR stack frame. The caused the CPU to generate a Frame exception for the 2nd RTE. So it's all good now.

    Thanks again,

    PS: The PEMicro stuff is great. Came out of the box and was running in a few hours

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