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Renesas RL78/D1A group MCU R5F10CMEL
Giri P. Dec 10, 2016 at 10:26 PM (22:26 hours)
Staff: Esteban G.

  • Hello........I want to read out data from Renesas CPU R5FCMEL. This Renesas CPU belong to RL78/D1A group. For that I buy E1 and FP-PG5 programmer but, according to this programmer we can't read out data from this groups because of sefty matter, only can write and compair....please tell me micro any programmer could read this device? If yes please tell me how to do it!


  • Hi,

    The RL78 protocol does not allow for flash data read due to security reasons. Our programmers are not able to read data out of the part due to protocol limitations.


  • Hello thanks for  replay.......if RL78 /D1A groups did not allow to read flash and eeprom, then how is possible to read and write the same group of CPU R5F10DPJJ? OBD2. This CPU is used in the odometer of vehicle,Ford Figo 2015 edition......

  • Hi,

    The Cyclone for Renesas uses the UART communication mode and protocols to program the data of the RL78 microcontrollers. Under this protocol, reading of the flash is not allowed.

    We are not able to rad the RL78/D1A either with our products. They may be using a different method to get the data from the device which the Cyclone for Renesas does not use.

  • Thanks......

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