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Unable to communicate error, Windows 7, version C of multilink trying to connect to MCF51JM128
CARL A. Oct 21, 2016 at 03:08 PM (15:08 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi there.   
    Getting Unable to communicate error, Windows 7 computer running PROGCF Programmer starter Edition , Have a new version C of multilink trying to connect to MCF51JM128.

    Have run Firmware update utility.

    Have dropped speed to slowest and multiples in between 0 (fastest) and the slowest.

    Have checked cable pin out - correct and since we don't have the FX we are supplying power and indeed we get a steady yellow light with power to the board.

    Have delayed time after reset to 6000 mSec

    Trying to Reprogram a power supply that has been programmed before (not by us) that uses a MCF51JM128.

    Any suggestions? More info you need?


  • Greetings,

    You did a great job giving me a lot of detail in your setup. I wish all customers would do that!!

    Are you using PROGCFZ or PROGCFV1? The PROGCFZ will not be able to connect to a MCF51JM128 because MCF51 targets are ColdFire V1/V1+. The demo/trial software is for ColdFire V2/3/4 versions of chips only.

    Unfortunately, we do not have any trial or demo or time-limited versions of PROGCFV1.

    Instead of demo or trial, what we do is have customers purchase the software and if they have troubles they should open a support ticket by going to support page -> Support requests. If our technical support cannot get your setup working even though you got the right hardware and software, then we will help you in getting your money back.

    Takao Yamada

  • Sounds good.  Bought the other software recommended and now can communicate (thank you very much for the prompt and accurate response) but now it is asking me to specify a Programming algorithm to use

    As noted above I have a MCF51JM128RM chip on board.... what Programming algorithm should I chose?

    Thanks Carl

  • Checking list it looks like I would want to use the 

    freescale 51JM128-1X32X32K.CFP

  • Greetings,

    The algorithm you should use is the Freescale_51JM128_1x32x32k.CFP. It is really the only choice you got that matches your device.

    Takao Yamada

    • In and up.  Thanks!

      However cannot find a help file for PROGCFV1 - at least a general user guide?

      Assuming I have to erase before programming or does the program icon automatically erase.

      Specifyed my .elf file as the source

  • Found the user guide in the download area of the PEmicro files on my computer.  Will read it and get back to you if I need help.  Thanks!

  • Should be good to go

    Will use this sequence (which is what I thought it should be) RE, (have already set CM), EM, BM, SS, PM

    from your manual

    Example Programming Script File
    The programming script file should be a pure ASCII file with one command per line.
    This is the CFG file in the previous examples.
    An example is:
    RE ;Reset the MCU
    CM C:\PEMICRO\Freescale_51QE128_1x32x32k.CFP ;Choose Flash Module
    EM ;Erase the module
    BM ;Blank Check the module
    SS C:\PEMICRO\TEST.S19 ;Specify the S19 to use
    PM ;Program the module with the S19

  • Final comment for now... all good worked a treat.  Many thanks for the help!

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