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UNIT library api's for MC9S12DP512
Shreyas C. Oct 20, 2016 at 08:19 PM (20:19 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • HI,
    My client have purchased the "UNIT12Z" for create a application for controlling "MC9S12DP512".
    I've questions on below api's:
    1) For all the read/write api's the 2nd parameter is the address. Should I pass the address itself or can I pass the variable name in the api.

    2) Is there any api's to set the breakpoint at a particular line of code.

    Thank you.


  • Dear Shreyas,

    The second parameter should be an address. If you have a variable in DLL-calling code that has the address that will work as well. However, a label made within some assembled program will not work.

    Currently there is no straightforward breakpoint method. You can set it up manually by calling the register write command and setting the values specific for your chip. We hope to include this feature soon into the API, but as of right now I do not know the timeline for that.


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