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USBMULTILINK with Freescale MC56F8023
roberto p. Oct 17, 2016 at 01:05 PM (13:05 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Using gui interface it works.
    Using commands from batch file and prog.cfg it doesn't work.
    prog.cfg file contains only "RE" it says wrong command

    progdsc c:\pemicro\progsdsc\prog.cfg INTERFACE=USBMULTILINK PORT=USB1

    it says "Error invalid command line at c:\pemicro\progdsc\prog.cfg"
    have you a simple prog.cfg?


  • Hi Roberto, 

    You do not need an RE command in your prog.cfg.
    Below is a short example:

    :DEVICE MC56F8023
    CM freescale_mc56f8023_1x16x16k.dsp
    SS 56f8023.S19
    EM ;Erase Module
    BM ;Blank Check
    PM ;Program Module
    VM ;Verify Module
    VC ;Verify Checksum

  • first of all thanks
    I still have problems:
    this is my .bat
    cprogdsc.exe ? c:\PEMicro\progdsc\prog.cfg INTERFACE=USBMULTILINK PORT=USB1 RESET_DELAY 10

    and this is prog.cfg
    :DEVICE MC56F8023
    RE C:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\Algorithms\freescale_mc56f8023_1x16x16k.dsp
    SS C:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\05ottobre2011.S19
    useswd 0

    this is what it says
    EN.......NOT work
    Error 33 command is inactive for this DSP????
    Why if I do it manually with the gui interface works?
    Thanks again

    • Juan I had not changed RE with CM.
      Now works!
      I have to finish anyway.
      e Grazie

  • Hi Roberto, 

    Please find my comments to your prog.cfg below:

    :DEVICE MC56F8023 --> Correct
    RE C:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\Algorithms\freescale_mc56f8023_1x16x16k.dsp -> Incorrect
    SS C:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\05ottobre2011.S19 --> Correct
    useswd 0 -->Incorrect
    EN --> Incorrect

    Please use CM instead of RE.
    There is no such thing as SWD for DSC devices. Please remove the line useswd 0. Please also change your "EN" command to "EM".

    • Juan thanks for your support, i only tested it today and it seems that work fine with 4.7uF capacitor on reset signal.
      Also "QU" command in the script file works.
      I wish you a Merry Xmas & Feliz Navidad

      • I'm glad everything worked out. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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