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Can't install multilink_universal_install.exe successfully
Yuehe D. Oct 14, 2016 at 01:38 AM (01:38 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hello, when I executed multilink_universal_install.exe, it failed. The logs are shown as below. Seems that windrvr6.inf can't be installed into my computer. My computer is win7 - 64bit system. Could anyone help to give some advises about this issue.

    WDREG utility v11.7.0. Build Oct 26 2014 09:21:13
    Log from Fri Oct 14 13:20:05 2016

    Command line: C:\PEMicro\multilink_universal\Drivers_12_3_0\windriver\wdreg_gui.exe -inf C:\PEMicro\multilink_universal\Drivers_12_3_0\windriver\windrvr6.inf -log C:\PEMicro\multilink_universal\Drivers_12_3_0\windriver\windrvr6_install.log install

    Processing HWID *WINDRVR6
    Trying to create virtual device
    Installing a signed driver package for *WINDRVR6
    Error: Failed to install the INF file (C:\PEMicro\multilink_universal\Drivers_12_3_0\windriver\windrvr6.inf)

    Please verify your driver is signed or disable Windows driver signature enforcement.

    LOG ok: 1, ENTER: DriverPackageInstallA
    LOG ok: 1, ENTER: DriverPackageInstallW
    LOG ok: 1, Looking for Model Section [DeviceList.NTamd64]...
    LOG ok: 1, Installing INF file 'C:\PEMicro\multilink_universal\Drivers_12_3_0\windriver\windrvr6.inf' (Plug and Play).
    LOG ok: 1, Looking for Model Section [DeviceList.NTamd64]...
    LOG ok: 1, Installing devices with Id "*WINDRVR6" using INF "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\windrvr6.inf_amd64_neutral_cf1867c43a919695\windrvr6.inf".
    LOG ok: 1, ENTER UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices...
    LOG ERROR(3): error e0000234, RETURN UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices.
    LOG ERROR(3): error e0000234, Installation failed.
    LOG ERROR(3): error e0000234, PnP Install failed.
    LOG ok: 1, Attempting to rollback ...
    LOG ok: 1, No devices to rollback
    LOG ok: 1, RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW (0xE0000234)
    LOG ok: 1, RETURN: DriverPackageInstallA (0xE0000234)
    difx_install_preinstall_inf: err e0000234, last event 3, last error e0000234. ERROR_DRIVER_NONNATIVE


  • Yuehe,

    I would like to remote into your machine to see what is going on.

    Can you create a support request and mention my name (KevinM).

    Once we have a resolution, I will post it in this forum.



    • Hello,

      Having the same problem, could you please post the way to solve this issue please ?

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