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Can't erase MC56F84786 chip with UNIV ML ans scripted code
Massimiliano T. Oct 12, 2016 at 11:06 AM (11:06 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hi,

    I have experienced a problem while programming the MC56F84786 chip with the UNIVERSAL MULTILINK and PROGDSC PC tool. I mean, the ERASE and BLANK CHECK works properly if I manually interact with the PROGDSC.

    Anyway, with the following scripted code:

    DEVICE MC56F84786;
    CM C:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\Algorithms\freescale_mc56f84786_1x16x144k_all.dsp;
    DE 1000;
    DE 1000;
    SS C:\DriverTest\Decrypted.txt;
    DE 1000;

    The erase command seems to work properly (looking the PROGDSC console), but the BLANK CHECK tell me that the module wasn't erased.

    I guess that there is a difference between the "manual command" and the scripted on.

    I have already tried with the Codewarrior/Eclipse and everything works properly.

    Has anyone experienced the same issue?

    How can I solve it?

    Please, give me an idea because we are stuck.

    If you need any further information we will provide them.

    Thank you in advance




  • Hi, 

    I have experienced the same kind of problem. Could someone give me some suggestion? How can I test that the erase command is launched once the PROGDSC is used with scripted code?

    Is there a way to see the command send to the universal multi link during manual programming? (Different from the PROGDSC console output?

    Thank you very much



  • Hi all, 

    When invoking CPROGDSC please add "?" as a parameter. This parameter keeps the console open so that the errors can be displayed.

    Please provide the error message that you observe after adding the "?" parameter.

    If you wish to provide a screen capture, please open a support ticket.

    Juan See

  • Ok,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will provide the screenshot of the error as soon as possible. What do you mean with "open a ticket", do you refer to the support request section?



  • Hi Daniele, 

    Yes, I am referring to support request section

  • Ok, perfect.

    We (Me and Massimiliano Tebaldi) have already open a ticket providing the screenshot of the erasing issue with CPROGDSC. With the CPROGDSC the erasing command seems that is done but the blank check is not passed. Again, using the PROGDSC and invoking the same commands (that we have programmed into the scripted code), everything works properly. The erase of the micro works and it is confirmed by the blank check.

    Please, can you try to solve this problem as soon as possible?

    Another question, is it possible that sometimes the PROGDSC couldn't find the device? I mean, sometimes the program told me that the micro is secure and ask me to set it as unsecured. I'm sure that the micro is not secured, thus i'm asking why this message appears. Pressing the ok button on the pop-up, everything works fine.

    I'm asking which is the CPROGDSC command that is the equivalent of manually press the "ok" button on the unsecured pop-up.

    Many thanks in advance

    Best regards,


  • Hi Daniele, 

    I just replied to the ticket 24263. Also, please make sure that you are using the latest version of CPROGDSC.

    Juan See

  • Resolved in 24263

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