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Cyclone for ARM and Cyclone for ST: SAP file compatibility.
Marco V. Oct 5, 2016 at 04:25 AM (04:25 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Good morning,
    we are using Cyclone for ARM on our last devices production.
    The devices has an STM cortex micro, and for production management we'd like to buy a Cyclone for ST. Then, we need to know if the SAP created for Cyclone for ARM works with Cyclone for ST.
    Thank you in advance.



  • Greetings,

    Is there a reason why you would want the more expensive cyclone ST when a cyclone for ARM would do the same job on STM32 devices for cheaper? Are you also going to be using STM8 or SPC5 devices as well on the cyclone ST?

    Yes, the SAP images can be moved from one to another. Note though, that the firmware of the cyclone can make a difference to the performance or behavior. For example if the SAP image was created a while ago and it is missing new features or bug fixes, then loading it into a new cyclone may not take advantage of those features.

    Takao Yamada

    • Hello Mr. Yamada,
      the reason is exactly that we need to program two different products, one mounts STM32 and the other one STM8. That's why I did the question.
      Could you please give me further details about what are the differences on performance and behavior?
      We are using now Cyclone for ARM rev C and we haven't got any Cyclone for ST yet.

      Marco V.

  • Greetings,

    Performance is going to be exactly the same between Cyclone for ARM and Cyclone for ST when it comes to STM32. But we always suggest that you get the latest firmware (released a new cyclone arm firmware yesterday) and if possible create a new SAP image instead of trying to transfer an old image into a new hardware/firmware because you may be missing out on new features or bug fixes.

    Takao Yamada

    • Thank you Mr. Yamada.

      Marco V.

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