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Multilink Universal with Windows 10, IAR, and STM32
Quentin G. Sep 22, 2016 at 07:11 PM (19:11 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • I'm trying to debug a STM32F4 using a Blue Multilink Universal, and IAR.  I'm connecting using a Mini-10 SWD connector.

    I've got things mostly working after manually loading Kinetis firmware.

    I can't access Live Watch though. Is there a specific firmware for STM32 that would enable this or some setting that I'm missing?


  • Quentin,

    Currently we do not have a realtime variable option, but it is the pipeline and coming soon.



  • SOMNIUM and PEMicro are partners and our SOMNIUM DRT products are a C/C++ IDE for Cortex-M devices which fully supports PEMicro Multilink and STM32 devices.

    We have a live memory viewing feature available in our DRT tools and have a video demonstrating its features here:

    Free of charge 30 day trials are available from

    Please get in touch if you want more info.


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