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Hugo C. Aug 22, 2016 at 03:21 PM (15:21 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hello,

    We are planning to add some automation process on our tools with the UNTPPCNEXUS for a MPC5676R.

    I have some questions of functionalities:
    - Could I transcribe the equivalent of ICDPPCNEXUS MACRO ?
    - Could I use it to download an ELF program to RAM and run it ?
    - And to en with it, could I debug this program with breakpoints and retrieve data ?

    They could be resumed as could I do all things I perform with ICDPPCNEXUS with UNIT ?



  • Greetings,

    You will only be able to load an s-record file or bin file. Not an ELF file. You can always do a conversion from ELF to S19 but you will lose the debug information.

    You can also connect to the P&E interface, enter background debug mode, set and clear breakpoints, nexus or non-nexus reads and writes, change the SPR and GPR registers (to transcribe the macros), single step, resume or resume all cores, etc. It's close to being a command-line ICD. Just no flash support or ELF support.

    Takao Yamada

    • I am trying to use the unitPPCNEXUS but I have some concerns:
      - There is no documentation of each function and usage
      - I am trying to load an srec and after execute it but it seems to not working good.
      - The load is successful as I try on ICDPPCNEXUS by setting manually PC and go
      But in my program I put the PC value to playing with single step but I did not find a way to execute all my program.


      PS: Do you prefer usage of new topic for questions even if there are linked ?

  • Greetings,

    We can stay on this forum thread.

    Documentation does exist as a TXT file when you installed the UNIT libraries. Should be called UNITPPCNEXUS.txt

    I think if you read up more on each function and usage, you should be able to resolve your other problems.

    Takao Yamada

    • There is no usage of each function sufficiently detailed to identify how to run a loaded srec program

  • I am searching the issue of my research and I see a difference in execution.

    I tryed the demo of MSVC and Delphi and I observe a difference in execution.
    - The execution of single step 6 times display all the PC step with base address FFFF0XX but it is expected to be 400000XX
    - The writing to valid memory for the Critical Error is $02

    - The execution of single step 6 times display all the PC step with the correct base address 400000XX
    - The writing to valid memory for the Critical Error is 0x00

    • I come back with some answer to my last questions:
      - The difference of execution between MSVC and Delphi are still existing

      - The execution issues where solved:
      - My MCU MPC5676R need some initialization to ensure it works
      - The index of core to use are 1 for Core 0 and 2 for core 1
      - I need to initialize more space on internal RAM in simulated BAM sections
      - I also created commands to address properly my external RAM available on NXP board
      - I used the default project to try/fail/success my load and run execution
      - I have ported that to Python program using ctypes to interface to the dll
      - There is some issues using the DLL from Java with the JNA
      - The JVM crash at end of execution
      - The document need to be writed in order to have more explanation on each DLL function prototype

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