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dynamic_read_bytes returns false
Hans R. Jul 26, 2016 at 09:20 AM (09:20 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to read some addresses with the dll function "dynamic_read_bytes" after I have successfully programmed the flash with the "START_execute_all_commands" function with a loop (check_STARTED_cyclonepromax_status) to wait for completion.
    Unfortunately returnvalue is always false.

    I use the Cyclone Pro programmer and have a software license for professional editions.
    I want to program both an image and a dynamic serial number.
    Before trying the "START_dynamic_program_bytes" function, I will test the "dynamic_read_bytes" function.

    What am I doing wrong?




  • Hi Hans,

    What microcontroller are you programming?

    Are you turning off power or resetting the target right before calling the dynamic_read_bytes routine?


  • Ji Johnny,

    it's a MC9S12XEQ384CAGNOR.
    I didn't turn off the power.
    But when I try the dynamic_read_bytes without the "START_dynamic_program_bytes" function, because the microcontroller is already programmed, the result is the same.

    I also tried:
    1. START_dynamic_program_bytes
    2. Power off (only the board, not the programmer)
    3. Power on
    4. dynamic_read_bytes returns FALSE


    • Hi Hans,

      Do not turn off or reset the processor at all.

      Please try the following steps:
      1. Create a SAP image that only has two commands - CM, EM
      2. Download the SAP image to the Cyclone
      3. START_execute_all_commands (keep the power on after this is done)
      4. START_dynamic_program_bytes
      5. dynamic_read_bytes


      • Hi Hans,

        Any updates?


    • Hi Johnny,

      now I tried your steps:
      START_execute_all_commands runs well.
      A blank check is pass, so the memory is empty.
      START_dynamic_program_bytes returns a True, but a get_last_error_code returns an error 300B.
      There is no description in the manual for this error code.
      The programmer also displays this error.
      What is error 300B?


      • Hi Hans,

        $300B: Error during reading data block, invalid start address

        I recommend trying to program the serial number in PROG12Z.

        P&E Engineering Support

        • Hi Johnny,

          now, it runs well.
          The problem was the start address.
          I started with address 0. That is a register and no flash memory.

          Thank you for your help.


          • Great! Let me know if you have any other issues.

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