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Carlos A. Jun 23, 2016 at 07:08 AM (07:08 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I'm using Cyclone max and cw_cprogppcnexus.
    I could program the IC (SPC5604) but now the file is a little bigger than the ones I had until now and I get an error. There's any limitation on the image file size to use cw_cprogppcnexus?

    Thanks for the support.
    C. Azevedo


    • Carlos,

      Did you ever purchase a full license to Codewarrior for MPC55XX? If you did not then you are using a evaluation version that has a programming size limit of 128 KB of code.

      You have the following options:

      1) Purchase a full license that will remove this restriction. You have to contact NXP Sales for pricing.

      2) Purchase a license to P&E PROGPPCNEXUS programming software. This software is only used for programming and is not a full fledged IDE. The cost of a license for one user is $199.


  • Carlos,

    We are also adding into the Cyclone installs a free copy of the CPROGPPCNEXUS for use with our Cyclone programmers (it is the same as CW_CPROGPPCNEXUS with the exception that there is no licensing restrictions and it works just with Cyclone Programmers including the Cyclone Max). Since it is not yet in the installer for Cyclone Max, I will email you a copy shortly.


  • Dear Kevin,
    I downloaded the CPROGPPCNEXUS and it works without problems.

    Thank you all for the excellent support.

    Kind regards,

    C. Azevedo

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