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problem about Cyclone Pro program asynchronously
jin f. Apr 29, 2016 at 03:32 AM (03:32 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I'm writing to confirm whether Cyclone Pro can download program asynchronously controlled by one PC. Now, I have two Cyclone Pro and professional edition license. But I can't program a target while another is programming. Can I use enterprise license to solve this problem? I'm hoping for a reply soon, Thanks!


    • Hi Jin,

      The Automate Control Package is designed to be able to control multiple Cyclones simultaneously from one PC. Professional can control up to 3 while Enterprise can control an essentially unlimited.

      The procedure typically is as follows:
      1) Send Start command to Cyclone #1 and then Cyclone #2
      2) Continuously check the status of Cyclone #1 and Cyclone #2 in a while loop
      3) When both Cyclones have finished, exit the while loop

      Please see our Expert's guide for code examples


      • Hi Johnny,

        Thanks for your reply. Now I have another question, must I wait both Cyclones have finished and then exit the while loop?

        Our company want to make an end-of-line test equipment containing program download function. It's a double-station equipment used to test our target board. We want the two stations work independently. So I can't wait both Cyclones have finished, then do other tests for our target board.

        Can I use Cyclone RS232 protocols of enperprise license to solve this problem?

        Best regards!

        • Jin,

          The Cyclone can program independently from the PC application. When you initiate programming operations, your application must send a START command. After that command is sent, your application can perform other tasks. It does not need to wait for the Cyclone to finish programming. There is a function that is used to poll the Cyclone to get its programming status (busy/done) and another function to retrieve the SUCCESS/FAIL error code.


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