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Hui X. Apr 15, 2016 at 05:48 AM (05:48 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Dear Sir, 
    I use the USBDM MULTILINK BDM to download the program, but the USBDM MULTILINK BDM does not work. Then I open the facility, I find the diode which is used for protecting the circuit is short circuit. Thus could you send me the circuit of USBDM MULTILINK BDM? Then I will get what's wrong with the USBDM MULTILINK BDM.


    • Greetings Hui,

      Is the part number of the interface USB-ML-12 Revision C?

      What is the designator of the component on the PCB that was blown?


      • Dear Johnny,
        The part number of the interface is USB-ML-12 Revision C. The designator of the component on the PCB is PE1717 C.1 or MIS94V-0.

        Best Regards

        • Hi Hui,

          You didn't say what the designator of the blown diode was. Assuming you are looking at T1 or T4, the component is FairChild 1N752ATR-LF


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