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Connecting RS232 to Cyclone Pro causes unit to go dark
Jeremy M. Feb 19, 2016 at 04:05 PM (16:05 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have a Cyclone Pro that works otherwise with USB, but want to use RS232 for a legacy debugger.  As soon as I connect the RS232 cable, the Cyclone appears to lose power.  The display and all lights turn off.  As soon as I disconnect RS232, it behaves as if it is powering up.  

    I'm using the originally included plug in power supply, and have nothing else connected but the power. The RS232 cable has been using for an RS485 converter so I know that's good. I have never seen an RS232 connection do anything so bizarre to a device.

    Any reason this should happen?


    • Hi,

      If the RTS line on your serial port is set to true (positive voltage), the Cyclone is held in a reset state and it will look like it doesn't turn on. Do you have a way to set it to false (negative voltage)?

      If you use any P&E software or utilities that came with the Pro CD you should be able to open the serial port and talk to the Cyclone. When we open the port, I think we manually set the RTS to the correct state.

      P&E Engineering Support

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