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Adding S08 Functionality to CodeWarrior S12 IDE
Bob P. Feb 1, 2016 at 09:35 AM (09:35 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have been using the CodeWarrior IDE for MANY years (currently V5.9.0), working with a few versions of the 9S12 micros. I now have a small application in which I would like to use an HCS08 derivative.  When I go to "New Project" in my IDE, only the HC12, HCS12, and HCS12X derivatives are available to use. I also use the "USB HCS08/HCS12 Multilink" interface, so I know I should be able to connect to targets that use HCS08 micros.
    How do I go about adding/including HCS08 capabilities to my development system?


    • Hi Bob,

      Which HCS08 derivative?

      If you're using Codewarrior for HCS12X, this environment only supports development on the HC12, HCS12, and HCS12X. NXP has a different product for HCS08 development. Please look into CodeWarrior for MCUs (Eclipse IDE) v10.6. You can still use the "USB HCS08/HCS12 Multilink" dongle.

      If you're working only in assembly, you may also be interested in our development package PKGHCS08_SW. It comes with a programmer, debugger, and assembler that will work with the HCS08 architecture.


      • Johnny:

        Thanks for the quick answer on the S08. Right now I'm looking at the data sheet for the MC9S08QA4 device, but I've only just started looking at the 08 family for a solution.

        I hope that if I look into the Eclipse IDE V10.6, it's not as bad as working with Java Eclipse, which I found nearly impossible to work with (on my own developing Android Apps -- I ditched Eclipse and settled on using Basic4Android for that).

        I'll also look into your PKGHCS08_SW software.

        Thanks again.


        • Hi Bob,

          PKGHCSo8_SW is compatible with your existing "USB HCS08/HCS12 Multilink REV-C" dongle.

          The incircuit debugger (ICDHCS08) that comes in the package can show source/assembly, memory, variables, and allow you to step through code.

          You didn't mention what language you're using. PKGHCS08 comes with a assembler. It does not have a C-compiler. For C, you have to use one from a third party and we support the ELF format.


  • I'm old-school, an assembler aficionado. Only limited C experience, so the in-circuit debugger sounds like it would be OK.

    I also happened to see a "WINIDEHCS08" on your site. Does it replace the functionality offered in the PKGHCS08_SW package? Does the WINIDEHCS08 need the PKGHCS08_SW to run? Is the WINIDEHCS08 compatible with my USB Multilink? Would I need anything else besides WINIDEHCS08?

    On the site page that comes up describing the WINIDEHCS08:

    The "Click image for details" on that page does not bring up a picture of what it looks like on my computer -- just an "X"box with text saying "Main Product Image" and a link to close that image.


    • Hi Bob,

      PKGHCS08_SW is the complete development package for the HCS08 that includes:

      PROGHCS08 (flash programmer)
      ICDHCS08 (incircuit debugger)
      CASMHCS08 (assembler)

      CASMHCS08 generates the S19 file from your assembly source. Then you can program the S19 file onto the microcontroller using our PROGHCS08 software and any P&E programming interface.

      >OK. Having looked at the three items that are part of the PKGHCS08_SW package, >I only need to verify that this software package is similar to the CodeWarrior >package that I have been using, in that it generates PHY files for use by the >Multilink device, and that I can still use the Cyclone Pro Image Creator >application to create SAP files from the PHY files, and also manage the SAP >files in my Cyclone Pro Devices using the Cyclone Pro Image Manager >application.

      Yes, this is correct.


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