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ProgACMP arp file
David S. Jan 4, 2016 at 10:29 AM (10:29 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hello, I am using a customized arp file to program an external 128K SPI EEPROM attached to a KE06Z128M4 part.  So far, things have been working fine, but we went to use a 256K part, made what we thought were appropriate changes in the arp file, but ProgACMP appears to stop after 128K.

    Other than the line in the arp file:
    ADDR_RANGE=00000000/0001FFFF/00/FFFFFFF8/FFFFFE00/ ; $00000000-$0001FFFF P-Flash

    Is ProgACMP using something else like the actual part number of the KE06 part to limit to 128K? Would P&E be willing to develop a custom arp to do this for us?


  • Hi David, 

    Where did you obtain the customized arp file to program the external 128K SPI EEPROM attached to the KE06Z128M4?

    Please open a ticket in our support request system and we can investigate the development of your custom arp file.

    Juan See

  • Hi Juan, we actually modified the KE06 flash programming arp file ourselves, based on the appendices in the PROG For ARM Cortex User's Manual. We figured just increasing the address range to 3ffff and changing the size in the entry table would do the trick, but it seems to be stopping at 128k.

    • Hi David, the standard KE06 flash programming arp file that P&E provides is only meant to be used with the internal flash that exists on the KE06. 

      For an external 128K SPI EEPROM, a custom algorithm needs to be created.

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