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USB MULTILINK Universal Version B harware problem
Michael B. Dec 31, 2015 at 03:19 PM (15:19 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,

    Well, i'm using the Multilink Universal module (dark green box) from 2012 with no issue but, just yesterday, the module no longer communicate with the USB.
    The two LED (D1 and D2) are ON although no external MCU is connected to the module. Of course, Codewarrior detect the situation and no data can be burn to the external MCU (M9S08QE32).
    Moreover, the case temperature of the embedded MCU (MC9S12UF32PUE) gets hot rapidly.
    The USB port has been proven OK and connecting the same module to another port or another PC gives the same trouble :hot package, two LEDs ON.
    Is there any tests, at harware level, that I can perform to fixed up the problem?
    Thank a lot for your support,
    Have a nice evening and happy new year (it is 9PM in France, geting close to 2016 ...)


    • Michael,

      Unfortunately, it sounds like there is a hardware problem. If the MCU of the Multilink Universal is getting very hot, then there must be an internal power to ground short somewhere. There should be two zener diodes T2 and T3. Check if the positive and negative ends of these two diodes are shorted.


  • Hi Johnny,

    Thank you for your support.
    I checked the two zener and both return a normal Vbe drop (600mV): they are OK.
    I borrowed an USB-ML module and checked the operation with the same peripherals : everything is fine.
    Well, it's clear that, for an unknown reason, the main MCU failed miserably ....
    I'm going to place and order to replace the failed module: do you ship the part to France and what would be the extra cost?



  • Hi Johnny,

    I'm using CodeWarrior associated with Motorola (well, NXP now ...) 8 bits MCU



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