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Multilink Universal FX support for target 68332 and integration with CodeWarrior v3.2.2
Sandeep Kumar P. Dec 1, 2015 at 05:33 AM (05:33 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • By going through, PKG 683xx Development Packages, we understood that ICD32Z supports:
    •Full assembly souce-level debugging
    •Includes ELF /DWARF 2.0 support for C source-level debugging

    Please confirm us on whether ICD32Z supports fully C source level debugging using ELF executable files generated by CodeWarrior for target 68332.

    Also, by going through Development Interfaces, we could understand that there is option to interface Multilink Universal FX with CodeWarrior. Please provide more information on this.

    How can we evaluate the package from P&E for 68332 target.

    Thank You.

    With Regards,


  • Greetings,

    Currently there is no way to support Codewarrior with the USB Multilink devices because the software is too old and did not have any kind of USB support. Just parallel port support, which we do not sell anymore.

    ICD32Z does fully support C source level debugging using ELF, as long as the paths are pointing to the source files correctly. Just pointing to a folder like /src is not going to work. It must point to each and every source file. This should be done automatically by the compiler, but you may need to check the compiler settings within CW.

    Takao Yamada

    • Hi Takao,

      In AMETEK India, ICD32Z being used in some other team. We barrowed P&E multilink debugger and ICD32Z software from them. But after installing the ICD32Z, it generated a registration code but an activation code was needed to run the software. We could not run the ICD32Z for evaluation has it was already activated for the other team.

      We need a temporary ICD32Z activation code, so that we could evaluate and place the order soon. Please let us know from your end can we get us a temporary access to the software for evaluation for two to three days. We have to hurry up and confirm the tool chain for development to our customer and then place the order as soon as possible. We are already lagging behind to confirm the tool chain. Please help us in this regard.


      With Regards,

      • Hi Takao,

        We know have got access to ICD32Z (version 1.66). I tried to see the source level debugging using ICD32Z (v1.66) and old universal multilink for 68332 (which is now not in production by P&E). I have built a sample/demo project using COSMIC Idea for 68332 by targeting to debug on RAM.
        ICD32Z connects successfully to target and then I loaded the ELF/DWARF2.0(built in COSMIC), I see bus instruction error (may be ICD32Z is not able to access the op-codes from external RAM).

        I have two more question:
        [1] Does the latest ICD32Z for 68332 support hardware breakpoints without the user manually adding the BGND assembly instructions in source code?
        [2] Does the latest ICD32Z for 68332 support debugging with code on external RAM?

        For now, We are using ICD32Z (Version 1.66), does this version support C source level debugging? If Yes, would you please send us a sample project (in COSMIC Idea) that I can do debugging using ICD32Z and see to my self the source level debugging really works.

        We need to see at our facility the ICD32Z really supports the C source level
        debugging with hardware or software breakpoints and after that we need to buy the product as soon as possible. We are in urgent requirement of debugging environment using P&E Universal Multilink FX and ICD32Z. Please help us.

        We appreciate your support. Thank You.


  • Greetings,

    I cannot give you temporary access/license. The ICD32Z is a single-seat and single-user license. If the license is being used at another team, then they currently own the license. You cannot share the license. If you need the software for your own team, you need to purchase another license.

    Takao Yamada

  • Greetings,

    All of our debugging software can handle disassembly and C-level source of ELF 2.0. We are currently putting support for ELF 4.0.

    The most popular reason that C-level source is not showing up is that the ELF does not have the path to the specific source files. Some compilers only put the path tot the directory, but not the specific files. When within ICD32Z, right-click on the source window -> select source module. This shows what the ELF file has for paths. If they are not pointing to files, then you are not going to see any source.

    The ICD software can debug any internal or external memory as long as the ELF file is able to show the correct location/address.

    Hardware breakpoints will work as well. No need to run any special command.

    Takao Yamada

    • Johnny replied to me that hardware breakpoints are not supported for 68332 but you claim it is supported. 
      Please see our conversation below and confirm me again on support for breakpoints and requirement of RAM initialization in ICD32Z.


      The bus errors indicate that your memory has not yet been initialized. This is
      the first step that you need to do before you can load any code. You also need
      to turn off any onchip or external watch dog timers on the board.

      Can you please tell me more about your external RAM and how it is connected to
      the microcontroller? A schematic would be helpful.

      >Does the latest ICD32Z for 68332 can setup hardware
      >breakpoints without the user manually adding the BGND assembly instructions in
      >source code?
      Hardware breakpoints are not supported because it is a limitation of the

      >does this version support C source level debugging? If Yes, would you please
      >send us a sample project (in COSMIC Idea) that I can do debugging using ICD32Z
      >and see to my self the source level debugging really works.
      Yes ICD32Z supports source level debugging with C/assembly but you need the ELF
      DWARF 2.0 file from your compiler.


      • Greetings,

        Johnny knows more about the CPU32 than I do, so his answer will be more accurate. Please work with him to get a better understanding of what you need to do to get your external RAM to work with our tools.

        Takao Yamada

        • Okay Takao. Thanks for the support. We appreciate a lot for  immediately responding to our queries.

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