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bug in OSBDM firmware updater
Jeff S. Oct 1, 2015 at 11:30 AM (11:30 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • My appoligies for the long message.  I like others started receiving expired USB license warning, while using code warrior 10.6 developing for a kinetis K60 Tower.  and the weird part is just like others, the program actually ran fine for a few weeks on windows 10 and then magically started getting the bad driver error, please download the latest drivers.  because I did not search the forum, I decided to update the OSBDM firmware first.  I remember previously probably 6 months ago, one of the tools either code warrior or kinetis design studio automatically updated the OSBDM firmware, so I was at version 31.26 on all 4 of my Towers,  Because of the windows 10 error I was seeing, I ran the firmware updater tool to first update the OSBDM, while running the tool, I selected the "Automatic" buttons thinking that it would automatically update to the newest firmware.  so I hit the OK button, and the damn thing actually reverted me back several versions. to 31.21 from 31.26?
    My first question is How Is This Possible? Should the tool not check to see the new version is higher than the old?
    Second question, what is the current / most recent OSBDM firmware that I should be using? I am looking all over the website, and it is not readily apparent, at least with my web navigating skills, using
    and how do I get my OSBDM back to 31.26?


  • Resolved by updating the firmware in code warrior.

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