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Jungo driver "license expired" message after power failure
Gary O. Sep 23, 2015 at 12:25 PM (12:25 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello again --

    I have CodeWarrior and a P&E Cyclone Pro attached via USB to a Win XP computer that was all working fine until yesterday.

    Last night we had a series of very short power outages, less than a second each, but the last one was long enough to cause the computer to shut down (I have a fancy surge protector, but not true UPS).

    This morning, I am getting a "Windows Fatal Application Exit" pop up that says that my 30 eval license for Jungo has expired. That has been true since about 31 days after I bought this computer, but it never cared before.

    Device Manager shows Jungo - Cyclone/Tracklink and Jungo - WinDriver. Both are "normal", meaning no yellow question marks or anything like that. Both say that the driver is working properly. P&E driver test program shows all drivers installed properly. I deleted and re-installed the drivers anyway; no difference.

    I am out of ideas. Any suggestions?

    Gary Olmstead


    • Hi Gary,

      Which version of Codewarrior are you using?


  • Hi Johnny --

    Looks like CW 3.1 for HCS12.

    • Gary,

      Please download and install the patch that is intended for your Codewarrior from the following FAQ.

      The download is a zip file that contains the latest P&E libraries and firmwares. There is a help me file included as well. After loading the files from the patch, restart Codewarrior.


  • Don't know if this is relevant or not, but I also have CW 6.3 for HC9S08 (different project).  It also uses the Cyclone Pro, and it works fine.

    • If you are seeing the licensing message only in CW 3.1 for HCS12, this means you need to install the patch for HCS12.

  • I downloaded and installed the patch.  It doesn't make any difference...

  • Johnny --

    I hadn't used this program in so long that I had completely forgotten that I also have CW 5.0 for HCS12. It works fine, so I don't need to get 3.1 working.

    Thanks for your help.


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