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Kinetis KDS preserve range issue
Randy H. Sep 9, 2015 at 10:12 PM (22:12 hours)
Staff: Gerardo R.

  • I'm working with KDS 3.0 and a K22FX512AM12 processor.
    When I try and preserve the DFLASH in order to save EEPROM data debug does not work. I'm using OSJTAG and it works fine without the preserve region.
    Under Advanced options I set Memory Range 0 to 10000000 to 1001ffff. I also have Preserve Partitioning checked.
    When I run with these settings it hangs up and I have to restart my computer in order for the debugger to work again (after unchecking preserve memory).
    This is also true for the serial port over the same usb connection.
    Please help


  • To preserve EEPROM you have to preserve the FlexNVM address space and not the DFLASH. I believe this starts at 0x1400_0000 but double check your reference manual first. When EEPROM is configured the DFLASH memory space gets smaller and doing anything outside the remaining address space causes flash programming issues.

    • Thank you Gerardo.

      Make sense - I should have thought of it.
      Assume that it fixed my problem unless you hear back from me.


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