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Cyclone Max used to program Kinetis KE02Z64VLH4.
Jorge Z. Jul 9, 2015 at 11:04 AM (11:04 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello, 

    I have a problem to flash a Freescale KE02Z64VLH4, I'm using the Cyclone Max (v7.85-6.2) with the JTAG/SWD adapter connected to Port E. The software PROGACMP (for ARM devices V is being used to test the programming sequence. I'm using the algorithm: freescale_ke02z64m4_pflash_eeprom.arp, v1.04, 6/02/2014. The microcontroller can be erased, programmed and verified with the app PROGCAMP in SWD mode but, when I disconnect the SWD/JTAG adapter and power cycle the target, it doesn't respond to any external input, I noticed that the RESET line goes from ~2.7V down to 1V and goes up to 2.7V again, it does this every ~ 125us. When the units is being programmed, I looked at the RESET line, it goes up to 5V then to 0V. The SWD DIO and CLOCK are switching to the proper voltage levels (0-5V). I used the low shift frequencies too, but there is no difference at the RESET line. The RESET circuit is as follows:

    ^ +5V
    [] 10Kohms
    100 ohms|
    uC <__[ ]___|____> Programmer header (RESET)
    Reset |
    --- 100nF Cap.
    V GND

    The SWDIO line has the same resistor values as the RESET line, with no capacitor. The SWCLK uC pin has a pull down resistor ( 10Kohm) connected through a 100 ohm resistor, no capacitor.

    I need some help to solve this.



    • Jorge,

      How does Reset look when the Cyclone Max is connected to the target board? Is the voltage level correct then? Do you have any other components connected on the Reset line?


      • Johnny,

        When the programmer is connected to the SWD header, the RESET line is high (5V), if I erase the micro, the RESET line goes low and high for several times. When the micro is being programmed or verified, the RESET line stays high. There is nothing else connected to the RESET line.

        The problem I have is when the programmer is disconnected from the SWD header and the power is cycled off and on to the micro; the reset line goes up to ~2.7V then after approximately 125us, it goes down to 1V and then back to 2.7V again.


        • Jorge,

          I think what is probably happening after you power cycle the target is the onboard core watchdog is constantly resetting the micro. You should be able to see the oscillations on an oscilloscope. If this is happening when the you have code running, that means you are not properly feeding the watchdog.


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