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copy cyclone pro image
Paolo M. Jun 21, 2015 at 12:03 PM (12:03 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,

    I have one image stored inside the cyclone pro memory and I would like to copy it back to disk. Is there a method to do it ?

    I have tried this method :

    1) Wrote the image to one micro controller
    2) using PROG08SZ software I have read the image from the micro
    3) Using Image generation utility I have generated an image
    4) Using Image management utility I have compared the new generated image to the one on the cyclone ... "they do not match". In my opinion they should.

    Is the matching utility using date ?

    Thanks for any help.

    Paolo Martinelli


  • Paolo,

    We do not allow anyone to download/copy SAP images that are already stored on the Cyclone's internal flash memory. This is done for the security of the owner's IP. You also cannot re-create the exact same SAP image because each one has a time stamp. If you read out the data from the microcontroller, the S19 data should be a match. The only possibility of a difference is that some HC08 devices have a trim value programmed into the flash. The trim value is unique for each device so you don't want it in your s19. Can you tell me your microcontroller and describe what your programming sequence is?


    • Hello Johnny,

      thanks for the info concerning SAP images.

      The microcontroller is HC908JL16CDWE. Normally programming procedure is using SAP image generated using "Image generation utility" and "Image Management utility" to store image into CyclonePro RAM.

      I can also use PROG08SZ utility to program directly the microcontroller.


      • Hi Paolo,

        I don't believe the 908JL16 has any trim values stored in flash. You can verify if this is the case by checking if PROG08SZ has a 'Program Trim' command.


    • Hi Team.

      I have a problem and I want to know which one is the best solution.

      I have a old FLash Station with 8 Cyclones. the 8 cyclones should it have the same information on their memory but the engineer on charge of the station was lazy and did not make it on that way... so, i want to know if...

      can i donwnload indivivually the Images stored in a memory?

      can i make a complete back up of a memory?? (this will be the most easy solution because i only gonna make the copy of a complete memory)

      • Hi Daniel,

        You can't retrieve any of the SAP images that are currently stored in your Cyclones' memory. The data is encrypted and not accessible. The only thing you can do is to recreate the SAP images on your PC (using the Image Creation Utility) and you must have all the original S19 files to be able to do that. It was designed this way on purpose to ensure that your data is protected in case your Cyclone is lost or stolen.


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