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In over my head, help please
Russ P. Jun 16, 2015 at 02:49 PM (14:49 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • So we have a Cyclone Pro at work already, programmed and running great.  It is very rare I need to make adjustments to the memory I have to completely re-learn how to use it every time I need to do so.

    Boss just brings me a 2nd Cyclone Pro and says he also got the super expensive software to make it much easier, made it sound fool proof like iTunes dragging files to an iPod. What I'm finding is this super expensive software is command line and I'll likely never touch it. Did we get hosed for this software that's command line only? There is no excuse in this day and age sending people to a command line anymore if this is the case.

    Is there a walkthrough, help, not-so-technical-talk forum, etc.. for someone who doesn't speak the terms DLL, etc.. I'm seeing all over the forums every day? I see all the other topics and the subjects don't even make any sense to me already making me feel like a fool, but hey like I said I don't touch this thing except once a year.

    I remember having to use like 3 or 4 different programs, I get the file from my programmer and I have to convert it so it has the correct file extension, then use another program to create another file with the first file, then use another program to load all the images to the Cyclone, but if I make a mistake I can't fix it I have to completely erase and start over. I'm pretty much burnt out on getting the whole process down and working again. Is there software that does it all and easy to use for someone who doesn't need to speak the language or change programming on this thing every day?

    Even a flow chart with program names and expected file extensions would be a ton of help.

    Sorry, very frustrated... Re-learning this thing is like climbing a mountain I don't especially wish to climb.

    Thanks to any help in advance, -Russ


    • Hi Russ,

      What microcontroller are you trying to program?


  • Hi Johnny!

    It is a MC9S12XEP100MAL. Our code writer sent a new monitor, but it's 2 files a s19 and a glo. It's been so long I don't remember which one to use or why he sends two files when I need one, but I think it's the s19. He also sent me a program to run it through, logpsy12 or something along those lines.

    Is there a way to edit / adjust just one entry without having to erase the Cyclone completely and start over? We have like 6 or 8 different monitors on the first cyclone and I only need to replace one of them. I have a 2nd Cyclone to experiment with and get the process down so I don't take the other one out of operation trying to figure all this out.

    Sorry, programming is not in my normal daily routine. Thanks for helping!

  • Johnny,

    I got as far as clicking 'save image to disk' in image creation utility and then received error 53.

    I tried the s19 I was sent by my programmer, I tried running that s19 through log2phy, renaming whatever file was output to s19, I don't know what else to do.

    Is there not a better way to do this, graphical software that helps take your input file and drag it to the Cyclone, doing what needs to be done so there isn't this guessing game I'm in the middle of?

    • Hi Russ,

      This is the procedure to load your S19 file into the Cyclone Pro for programming.

      * Run Log2Phy -> Choose your .S19 under Logical Record File.
      * Select 9S12XEP100 from the Device Type drop down menu.
      * Click Convert to Srecords to generate the .PHY file. You can rename it to .S19 if you want.

      Then run Cyclone Image Creation Utility

      * Select HC9(S)12(X) from the Target Architecture drop down
      * Click Launch Script Wizard
      * You will be prompted to choose the algorithm Freescale_9S12XEP100_1x16x512k_1024k_Linear_Pflash.12P under the HC12_HCS12 folder
      * You will be prompted to choose the Object File which is your converted file.
      * The programming sequence should be generated automatically.
      * Check Unsecure target if fail communcation, Security Settings -> XExxx
      * Add the name of the image to Image Description
      * Click Store Image to Disk and save it to your Desktop as a .SAP file.

      Then Run Cyclone Image Management Utility

      * Connect to the Cyclone Pro
      * Click Remove All Images Stored in Internal Memory
      * Click Add and select all the SAP files that you want stored on the Cyclone
      * Click commit changes

      Regarding your questions:
      > Is there a way to edit / adjust just one entry without having to erase the ?Cyclone completely and start over?

      You can append a new image if there is space. If you want to update a previous image, you have to erase it and start over.

      >Is there not a better way to do this, graphical software that helps take your >input file and drag it to the Cyclone, doing what needs to be done so there >isn't this guessing game I'm in the middle of?

      We do not have any other GUI.

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